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Korean Beauty Tips for Surviving Winter

South Korea is not only known for its K-pop and K-drama stars, beautiful sceneries, and fantastic food. It is also known for its harsh winters with temperatures that can go down to -25 degrees Celsius.

The country is an archipelago which makes it vulnerable to sharp gushes of winds and extreme weather conditions. That is why, the country’s published temperatures show two numbers: one for recorded temperature, and another for “feel.” It is common to find a recorded number of -12 degrees Celsius but the “feel” can get as low as -25 degrees Celsius.

Dry skin is not uncommon during winterIf you are a first-time visitor, it might shock you to find out how cold winter is in South Korea. The locals’ pictures lie, too, with people wearing miniskirts and skinny jeans on the dead of winter. You then think that the weather is okay, after all. But in Korea, being the land of beauty innovation, it is not frowned upon at all to sacrifice sometimes for the sake of beauty and fashion sense. It is even more uncommon to find baggy sweaters and pants being used on the streets of Seoul. If anything, this get-up is only ever accepted at ski resorts.

If you are local, there is nothing more appealing than picturing sunny skies and warm weather on Korea’s winter months. That is why, many Koreans travel to nearby tropical countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand from December to February. People leaving Korea means even those from the country find it hard to cope up with this harsh weather. Even with lots of innovation on thermal wear and sweaters, people still don’t see these enough to protect them from winter.

Winter, of course, is a dry season, and that’s not good news for anyone’s skin. That’s why you usually get super dry skin and cracked lips during this period. No matter how careful you are, a gush of wind in South Korean can quickly bring you windburn. This season is not the friendliest when it comes to protecting your health and skin.

But don’t fret just yet. South Korea is the land of beauty innovation, so if the country has an answer to any beauty problem. For sure, it will have a solution to protecting you from the unforgiving winter season. What are the K-Beauty cosmetics & makeup tips for you to get through winter scathe-free?

For one, Koreans cannot stress enough the importance of moisturizers before you start any beauty routine. For Western makeup, the face’s base should be the foundation. But for Koreans, you must always start with a moisturizer. Since this is winter, choose a cream-based moisturizer instead of a gel-based one so the effects will last longer. Choose a moisturizer that is made with organic materials because these ingredients will allow your skin to breathe despite the heavy that you’ve put on it.

Keeping face hydrated with moisturizersApply moisturizer in the morning before you prep your face for makeup, and at night before you sleep. The moisturizer for the evening should be lighter than the one you use in the morning, so you can still allow your skin to rejuvenate even with a beauty product on. Utilizing no moisturizer in the evening is bad for you because of built-in heaters in your home, which can quickly dry up your skin.

Another tip is to have a water-based facial spritzer ready on hand. This spritzer is useful especially during dry seasons because it gets to perk up your skin. Choose facial mists that are made with chamomile, lavender, and mint as these ingredients help protect your skin from windy and dry conditions.

Let’s face it, South Korean winter is harsh. But you don’t have to lock yourself up in the house because of the weather. You can prepare for it by purchasing thermals and sweaters that can guard you against the cold. You can also help protect your skin from the dryness of the season. You don’t have to welcome spring with bad skin!

Nurses Should Train the School Staff

A school is where children spend a lot of their time to learn and grow. With 8 hours a day, at a maximum, spent at school — many things and different kinds of situations can happen and be encountered. Some of the most frequent problems encountered are related to a child’s health condition. Allergies, for example, is something very common to almost everyone. It can be allergy towards food, fumes, pet furs, etc. Even the simplest things can cause an allergic reaction.

emergency trained faculty and staff in elementary schoolsThis is why it’s important for the school staff to be trained in what to do by a person qualified for school nursing jobs for DOE, if ever a child needs their help in any occasion, especially during a typical day at school. One of the best ways to make this happen is through the help of your school nurse. Here’s are some of the tips about how this can be achieved and why is it important.

Health & Safety

This is not just vital in a school but also in every work place. We are not just concerned about the children but of course, the staff members too. The school is not just responsible for the students but also for those who are working in it. Hence, it is an advantage to let everyone have the essential knowledge about what can be done during emergency situations. This will reduce the risk of any further injury or health issue. Trained staff will not just take good care of each other but also of the younger ones.


Nothing beats a person who is always ready. Proactive consent forms and having the knowledge will surely change a person’s mindset. It encourages a person to be aware at all times, being vigilant wherever they go. There won’t be any panic or distress if anything happens.


nurses acting on emergenciesThis one might sound like it’s such a formal term that is most commonly used in movies, but this only refers to the system of procedures that are meant to be taken accordingly. Having just one person panicking may not seem like much, but it can be very contagious. A whole class that panics will inevitably affect the others, and so everyone is panicking for not knowing what to do. This is why earthquake drills are essential. For example, if a child collapses in the field because of heat stroke, others would surely run away screaming because of fear of not knowing what happened or what to do. Then, another child would surely come calling out the teachers and staff to ask for help.

Adults may not likely run away screaming in this situation, but if lots of children are panicking and running away, they would feel panicked too. If everyone has been trained to follow protocol, then not one child will run around screaming but instead, they will move away from the area of the incident to give the adults the space needed. They will easily relay the message to ask for help from the staff. As the authorized staff comes, they can calmly instruct the children what to do so that they may help, as a part of the protocol. Things will run smoothly, and it will be safer.

Having a nurse is not just the only thing that’s good for a school because training the staff and even the students can help too. Since it is the school’s responsibility to take good care of the students and their employees, it is also clear that whatever happens to anybody inside the school is within their responsibility. Sometimes, even activities and events that occur outside but still relate to school is also within their responsibility. This means that they are carrying a lot or a massive liability on their shoulders.

How Technology Changed Private Home Care

The use of modern technology in the delivery of private home care has indeed revolutionized the field. The fact that there are now many resources that are available for caregivers and private nurses to use when looking after their patients means that they are now able to do a better job at ensuring that they can properly take care of the well-being and welfare of their patients.private home care technology

It is a fact that the inefficient practices and gaps in the engagement of patients are now being addressed with the help of the right technology. The development of technological solutions has propelled the medical profession forward, and it did so too, for the private home care. Below are some of the things that technology has contributed to the field.

1. More accessible and better treatment.

It has been observed that the presence of technology has brought about accessibility when it comes to getting the necessary treatment in assistance in home health care. In the past where it might take a long time before patients are given the care and attention that they need, it takes lesser time these days. This because there are now tools that can be used to ensure that whatever they are feeling will be assessed and diagnosed correctly and appropriate treatment are extended afterward.

2. Flexibility.

There are now use portal features that private home care providers can use when doing their jobs. This means that carrying out management tasks or clients and patients become easier to do thanks to the power of mobile computing and the use of the cloud. Tasks that are set by supervisors can now be completed by private car providers even when they are in remote locations. There is no longer any need for paperwork coordination too since things are now digitized. This also means that coordinating with the rest of the team a far as required tasks go becomes a lot easier to do.

3. Increased efficiency.

It has been pointed out time and again how there is inefficiency in the engagement methods with the patient before. This often comes in the form of poor caregiver coordination as well as poor communication with the supervisors or with the patient’s families. Now, there are portals that will let the caregivers conduct the necessary assessments to ensure that they are indeed engaging their patients when it comes to getting them the best quality of care.

4. Mistake reduction.

The technology used in the private home care for these days really brought about the benefit of reducing the mistakes made when it comes to administering care to clients and patients. The presence of a centralized location where nurses and supervisors can refer to when it comes to the tasks that should be performed where a patient has involved means that everybody is updated in real time when it comes to what has been done, what has yet to be done, and what should be done. This means that there is now going to be efficient coordination between caregivers and their supervisors to ensure that a patent is properly looked after.

5. Streamlined process.

Hiring caregivers and nurses have become a lot easier and more efficient to do thanks to the presence of these new technologies too. Training programs are now easier to understand. There is now the introduction of a point of care tool that will help agencies providing home care to ensure that they will always retain the quality of their caregivers their nurses, and their staffs. The tool also ensures that they will have something that they can use to ensure that they are doing their everyday workflow in the most efficient manner possible.

compliance to home care guidelines

6. Proper compliance to home care guidelines.

It is easier to comply with home care guidelines with the use of technology too. There are now tools that will make it easier to capture signature as well as time and date stamps that are needed in patient care documentation. Assessments can be easily printed out along with service plans to be left in the homes of the patients to not only keep them updated but also to keep their families and loved ones in the loop too.

Technology brings about organization and order in private home care. Processes are organized and streamlined. So, nurses can now focus less on the paperwork and more towards ensuring that their clients are indeed getting the best level of care that they deserve.

Top Ideas For Your First Date

Man & woman on a first dateThis is it! This is the time that you have been waiting for! You have scored a first date with a girl you like. Whether or not you will be having a committed relationship with her may depend on the results of your first date.

In this situation, you might already be thinking about when your date will be, where it should take place, and how it should go. However, nothing comes to your mind because of a mixture of emotions, specifically excitement coupled with nervousness. When you hire an NYC matchmaking company, they will typically give you some great ideas. If not, to help you out, here are several creative ideas that you can make use of for your first date with her.


If your date is a fanatic of art, what better way to get to know her and her likes better than going to an art museum. You should be the one to pay for any entrance fees, though.

You may also find out that she is into painting. In this case, you both can enroll and take a painting class, even for just a day. It will be fun for both of you and will also give you and her the chance to get to know each other better.


Good music brings people together, whatever genre it may be. In this case, you can bring your date to a live concert. It does not have to be a concert being held by someone famous where you have to spend thousands for tickets. As simple as going to bars where good local bands and singers perform live can be a good way to enjoy the night.

Another good idea is to sing at karaoke. It is for everyone who can be good singers or just can’t carry a tune. However, it will be good if you will not sing a lot of romantic ballads or anything that has a slow beat.

dancing on a dateDance

If both of you have a shared love for dance, you might take dance lessons for a day. If possible, you should go with a dance genre that both of you are new at. The dance lessons might turn out funny and help you get close to each other.

Outdoor fun

There are surely a lot of beautiful places to explore. If you wish to enjoy the outdoors, you might want to go on a biking trip with your date. It will be a good activity to work up some sweat, enjoy the scenery, and have lots of things to talk about. You can also try trekking or mountain climbing if both of you are into these extreme sports. If you wish to, you can also visit zoos within your area and talk about animals.


This particular activity gives both of you a chance to get closer to each other. This is most especially true if one of you do not know how to skate. You can choose either an indoor rink or an outdoor rink. Just make sure that the weather permits you to use the outdoor skating rink.


You can buy two tickets for you and your date to watch an exciting game of basketball, baseball or volleyball. This can be more exciting if both of you likes the same team that will be playing during that game. It can also be a bit fun if you and your date like different teams and these teams are playing against each other. However, be careful not to engage in excessive trash talk as this can potentially ruin your date.

You are not only limited to the idea of going to a restaurant and eating, although consuming some food during the activities mentioned above is a necessity. Just have fun out there and get to know your date better.

How to Search for a Better Acupuncturist

Acupuncturist in NYC providing a session in the earThe rise of popularity of acupuncturist may be the reason why you are thinking of getting this treatment nowadays. It should be okay to get the said treatment considering the positive effect in one’s health and body. For example, the said treatment can easily alleviate a headache, joint pain, and even nausea. If you have chronic conditions, then the said treatment can be used together with your current treatment and can easily help with pain management.

The problem though is that you might find it difficult to search for an acupuncturist who you can trust. Remember that it is imperative to find a trustworthy acupuncturist, especially since you don’t want to waste your money and time on a treatment that won’t have any healthy benefits for your body. Moreover, you want an acupuncturist who can administer an effective acupuncture treatment and avoid any fatal side effects. As such, it is unquestionable that you should search for the said professional meticulously.

Through Personal Referrals

One of the easiest ways to get to know an acupuncturist is through the referrals of someone close to you. You may have a family member who has gone through an acupuncture therapy session and has already observed the positive results of the said treatment. Not only family members, but it is also possible to get referrals from friends and other relatives.

The advantage of getting referrals from someone you trust is that you should be able to judge the character of the acupuncturist in the eyes of the one who is giving you the referral. If you trust your friend and in his/her words, then you can consider that referred acupuncturist.

Through Professional Referrals

It should be easier for an individual to get a referral of trustworthy acupuncturist with the help of their physician or health care provider. Most physicians will not disregard the fact that the acupuncture treatment is effective in pain management. Instead of prescribing drugs, they often prescribe the patient to go through acupuncture treatment.

If they do prescribe acupuncture treatment, it should be possible to get a list of referrals from the said doctor. Most doctors will only refer a trusted NYC acupuncturist that they are aware of. They won’t refer an acupuncturist they don’t know, after all.

Through Acupuncture Associations

NGAOM-smallThere should be associations for acupuncturists in your state or your town. Once you find the said associations, they should be able to give you a list. You can specify looking for that acupuncturist within your neighborhood. That way, you will find it easy to go to and fro the acupuncturist’s clinic for a therapy session.

You may also use these associations to verify the legitimacy of a private acupuncturist’s practice. For example, you may have found a New York City acupuncturist clinic down the block, and you are thinking of getting the therapy session there. You can call the National Guild of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NGAOM) to see if this acupuncturist is someone you can trust.

Through the Internet

This is probably the easiest method of searching for an acupuncturist. All you have to do is to type in the keyword into the search bar to be able to come up with a list of acupuncturists near you. The best thing about it is that you can do further research about the acupuncturist that has caught your eye if you do it online.

However, some risks come with using the Internet to find an acupuncturist. Many unscrupulous professionals thrive in the web too. They just want to rip you off your money. Not only that, they don’t have the right expertise in the field of acupuncture and might even endanger your life. You have to make sure that you don’t cross paths with these ill-intentioned individuals to avoid troubles.

Top Places to Get Inspiration For SEO Content Ideas

In content marketing, it is inevitable that you come to a point where you don’t have any idea on what to write anymore. It may be because you have fully explored a niche or a topic after many years of writing. It may also be because you think you have already covered every single relevant topic you can think of. Despite that, it is a must that you have original content to write about to fulfill the demands of SEO.

Content Marketing-minNot being able to have an idea of what to write is called a writer’s block. Every writer will encounter this at one point or another in their life. However, be relieved as writer’s block is just temporary. With the right trigger, you can churn out great ideas for SEO content.

You can go ahead and refresh your mind by looking for inspiration. With the existence of numerous print and online venues nowadays, it should be impossible for you to get inspiration on what SEO content to write. Here are some of the top places where you can get ideas on new content for your marketing strategy.


Sign up for Facebook. This is not just a simple social networking site that you can use to connect to friends and family members. Through your Facebook account, you can get an idea of what content is engaging people. You simply have to type in your keyword into Facebook Search. After that, you will see a long list of the popular content in the network. The list will also show you how many likes, comments, or shares each post have.

Established Websites

Taking a look at some established SEO websites might help you with some content ideas. Going to Google and looking for the top SEO agency in your city can help. A company like Break The Web San Diego SEO services focuses tremendously on content marketing. By reading various blogs, you can learn how to come up with content ideas.


Through Quora, you can get a list of popular questions that people want answers to. Just like with Facebook, you just have to type your keyword into the search box to see what questions are popular on the site. The questions here can give you a fair idea on what type of content you should write. You can target a question and then provide a solution. You can even point them to your content.


Feedly is a news aggregator site that is popular in the web nowadays. It has an app for both Android and iOS. With Feedly, you can collect blogs and sites with a similar niche as your website. That way, you will have just one list of content that can be your source of inspiration. It is also through Feedly that you can get an idea of what other people are talking or writing about in your niche or industry.


One of the main things that you can do with Reddit is indeed sourcing content topics. However, that is not all. You can also make use of Reddit to hear what other people’s insights are. Of course, you just have to be wary of troll comments, smart ass comments, and wisecracks. Down the line, though, you can read other people’s genuine insights. Don’t forget to sign up to relevant topic discussions.


Tap into Twitter. With Twitter, you get to see the hot topics currently trending in the virtual world. If you use the Twitter trends properly, then it should not be difficult for you to be the first one on certain topics. You also get to put a new spin on whatever is popular right now. If you are good, you can get trending content too. Many good SEO companies rely heavily on Twitter for content generation.

These are just some of the best places online where you can get inspiration for your content. You can generate new ideas through them. Once you get some awesome ideas, you have to do your best to turn them into engaging and informative content that your audience will love.

Reviews of The Popular Nootropics

Nootropics are smart drugs. They are gradually becoming more popular these days as they are used for enhancing the brain’s cognitive qualities. With nootropics, the average individual can receive a boost to their confidence levels, overall brain functions, memories, and personal motivations. The compounds making up the best nootropics in the market have amazing effects on the body. Anyone can benefit from taking this kind of drug.

There are general guidelines that a smart drug such as nootropics should meet. For example, the said drug must help in protecting the brain as well as keeping it safe from both chemical and physical injuries. The said drug must also help in enhancing the brain’s concentration, memory, and ability to learn efficiently. Other qualities that must be met for nootropic reviews include being able to enhance both the brain’s cortical and subcortical control mechanisms, enhance the brain’s cognitive abilities, and prevent the brain’s abilities from disruptive health conditions.


There are many brands of nootropics available in the market these days. You have to pick the brain enhancing supplements considered to be the bestsellers in the market if you want to achieve the best results. Pick out the easy to use ones as well as those proven to be safe. They should also be backed with a money back guarantee. Here are some of the top nootropics that should catch your eye.

#1. Cellusyn Neuro-HD

This particular smart drug is designed for preventing the brain functions from slowing down. There are natural compounds in it that include theanine, Alpha GPC, and theanine. A lot of people claim to benefit from the said smart drug in the form of sharper memory, higher alertness, greater concentration, and focus, as well as improved mood. Healthy adults who are over 18 years old can use the said smart drug to increase cognition.


It is important for the brain to receive a huge amount of energy. This supports the healthy cognitive functions. With Alpha-Focus, you can enjoy patented ingredients such as Cognizin. These ingredients can provide vital nutrients for generating electrical impulses, maintain a normal level of acetylcholine, and care for the healthy cells of the brain. The benefit of the said smart drug includes increase in speed for the neural transmission as well as information processing.

#3. Brain Supplements Top Seller’s Kit

This particular smart drug is a three-piece kit designed to help sharpen people’s concentration and focus. The drug also helps boost one’s mental energy as well as improve memory. There are cutting edge ingredients in the drug which can support the electrical signaling and the neurotransmitters in the brain. This kit is actually in high demand and usually receive high ratings. It is also very affordable, so a lot of people pick this one out among the many smart drugs in the market.

#4. CerebralCharge

Just like any other smart drug in the market, the CerebralCharge is meant to sharpen focus, enhance attention, as well as support working enemy. This drug has a synergistic blend helping in improving mental alertness through the stimulation of acetylcholine production.  The best thing about the CerebralCharge smart drug is that it can help stimulate the brain which can then lead to calmness, better focus, clearer thoughts, and overall better brain health.

#5. Cerebral Success SmartX

The SmartX drug is developed to prevent tiredness of the brain. The improved result of taking SmartX include an improvement in the abilities of the brain while at school or work. It should not be difficult for a person taking this particular smart drug to be able to process a huge load of information. Thus, this particular smart drug can help those who are slow in information process, lack brain energy, and unable to focus.

How Sign Language Is Helping The NYC Community?

sign-language-interpreterSign language is very useful in today’s time. There’s a lot of members of the community who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. With sign language, they can communicate with other people. There are times though when they need the assistance of sign language interpreters to be able to get their message across. The interpreter will not only interpret what the deaf and hard-of-hearing signs but will also sign back whatever the another party is saying.

Learning sign language is not an easy task, though. The deaf and hard-of-hearing sometimes need to go to a special school or hire a special teacher so that they learn the appropriate sign language. If you are an interpreter, you not only have to learn the sign language well, but you also have to polish your English communication skills. Body language will also help in letting other people know what you want to say without misunderstanding you.

Certain benefits can be enjoyed with learning the sign language. It will not only be useful in day-to-day living but also in work and business. Here are some of the prime benefits that can be enjoyed with learning sign language.

#1. The number of deaf and hard-of-hearing is high

There are about 36 million deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals living in the country. You can translate that to as much as 17% of the overall population. Not every one of them uses ASL as the primary communication method, but there is still a significant number of people who do. You can lose various opportunities if you don’t learn ASL.

#2. The deaf can still talk

The deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals can still swap stories as well as share tips. They can even communicate their name. Since the community for the deaf and hard-of-hearing is a tight-knit one, expanding your network within is an easy task with your knowledge of ASL.

#3. Time is equivalent to money

Business transactions or personal dealings can run smoothly when there is clear communication. If there is no way for a deaf and hard-of-hearing individual to communicate with others due to language barriers, confusion and frustration can result from that. Learning the basics of sign language allows for effective communication.

#4. Sign language lets you “open” your eyes

If you are talking in sign language, then you will need to reply on your other senses to communicate well. You have to train yourself as well to become even more aware of your surrounding. Those who know sign language can develop notoriously sharp eyes.

#5. Add to your credentials

It is true that getting a college degree and completing certifications and training can improve your credibility. You can put your best self out in the marketplace. In a job market that is extremely competitive, you can add your ASL skills to your resume. That should increase your marketability in finding ASL interpeting jobs. More and more potential employers will take note of you.

#6. Honing your communication and listening skills

If you learn sign language, you will end up becoming a better listener and communicator. As you learn sign language, you will also learn how to re-formulate your ideas constantly and then check for understanding. When it comes to sign language, idea communication is extremely precise. It is also situation-oriented. Non-signers don’t often develop these extremely valuable skills.

#7. Sign language is a ticket to learn more about the deaf culture

The deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals have a culture of their own. If you want to know more about them, then the first step that you have to take is learning sign language. The differences between the structure of sign language and spoken language are evident, but that doesn’t mean that you will have a difficult time learning about them. By learning sign language, the deaf culture is much easier to understand.

How Music Affects Your Mood

woman-listening-to-music-on-the-grassMusic is unbelievably powerful. It has the power to move thousands of people. Through the lyrics or the tone, you can send a powerful music to the masses. In addition to that, it is true that almost all people love music, though it may be that they have different genres they prefer. Music is also a universal language so it can be easily passed on to one person or another.

There are many media outlets available for you to play music. There are audio players built into the latest mobile devices. Computers also have a music player software in them, which you can download off the web as well. Of course, there’s also the option of playing musical instruments. Whichever media you choose, you can play the kind of music you want to listen to at a given time.

There are indeed lots of benefits to listening to music. For example, if you are planning to get hyped up, maybe for the upcoming athletics meet at school, then turn on your music player and play some hip hop. The wicked beat coming from the hip hop music can pump both adrenaline and endorphin to your body, which in turn can keep you going.

For students, there might be an upcoming exam they are stressing over. It may be the SAT or just your finals. Either way, music can help you. You can use music as a way to calm your nerves. Music is also a tool to use if you want to be able to concentrate on your studies. Classical music like Mozart or Bach can make your studies even more manageable, especially if it involves memorization. It is highly recommended that students studying for exam listen to good music then.

Feelings of love can be evoked with music too. This is the main reason why classical or romantic music are played during dates, engagement, weddings, or similar events. With music, the “love” hormones are stimulated, which allow for the romantic event to be even more successful. Music easily speaks to the heart, after all.

Music is a big factor that can affect your mood. There are depth and soul in every music, after all. For example, listening to an upbeat music can lift up one’s mood. Some music can help those who have suffered from loss. Sad music is soothing, especially when people identify with the music’s tone and lyrics. On cases where people are under stress, they can listen to music to deal with frustrating and stressful circumstances.  Even in just normal situations, listening to music can be a form of enjoyment that can help you maintain a positive attitude all throughout the day.

All the positive effects of music on people’s mood can be backed with scientific research. Since scientific data is proving that music can affect one’s mood, a lot of scientists and researchers pitched in to develop the music therapy field. Music therapy is used not only to help improve people’s mood. It is also now being used to help people heal more naturally and restore energy. Playing an instrument can also help soothe the mood. Playing the piano is known to be relaxing. if you don’t know how to play piano, click here. It is a field of study that can be used to achieve individualized goals too. If you are troubled over something, music therapy can be of great help.

When you are sad or want to cheer yourself up, listening to music is one of the many things that you can do. You can de-stress naturally with the help of the upbeat tones and calming notes you can hear from your music player. The amazing thing about it is that music doesn’t have any side effects. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from listening to music.