Top Ideas For Your First Date

Man & woman on a first dateThis is it! This is the time that you have been waiting for! You have scored a first date with a girl you like. Whether or not you will be having a committed relationship with her may depend on the results of your first date.

In this situation, you might already be thinking about when your date will be, where it should take place, and how it should go. However, nothing comes to your mind because of a mixture of emotions, specifically excitement coupled with nervousness. When you hire an NYC matchmaking company, they will typically give you some great ideas. If not, to help you out, here are several creative ideas that you can make use of for your first date with her.


If your date is a fanatic of art, what better way to get to know her and her likes better than going to an art museum. You should be the one to pay for any entrance fees, though.

You may also find out that she is into painting. In this case, you both can enroll and take a painting class, even for just a day. It will be fun for both of you and will also give you and her the chance to get to know each other better.


Good music brings people together, whatever genre it may be. In this case, you can bring your date to a live concert. It does not have to be a concert being held by someone famous where you have to spend thousands for tickets. As simple as going to bars where good local bands and singers perform live can be a good way to enjoy the night.

Another good idea is to sing at karaoke. It is for everyone who can be good singers or just can’t carry a tune. However, it will be good if you will not sing a lot of romantic ballads or anything that has a slow beat.

dancing on a dateDance

If both of you have a shared love for dance, you might take dance lessons for a day. If possible, you should go with a dance genre that both of you are new at. The dance lessons might turn out funny and help you get close to each other.

Outdoor fun

There are surely a lot of beautiful places to explore. If you wish to enjoy the outdoors, you might want to go on a biking trip with your date. It will be a good activity to work up some sweat, enjoy the scenery, and have lots of things to talk about. You can also try trekking or mountain climbing if both of you are into these extreme sports. If you wish to, you can also visit zoos within your area and talk about animals.


This particular activity gives both of you a chance to get closer to each other. This is most especially true if one of you do not know how to skate. You can choose either an indoor rink or an outdoor rink. Just make sure that the weather permits you to use the outdoor skating rink.


You can buy two tickets for you and your date to watch an exciting game of basketball, baseball or volleyball. This can be more exciting if both of you likes the same team that will be playing during that game. It can also be a bit fun if you and your date like different teams and these teams are playing against each other. However, be careful not to engage in excessive trash talk as this can potentially ruin your date.

You are not only limited to the idea of going to a restaurant and eating, although consuming some food during the activities mentioned above is a necessity. Just have fun out there and get to know your date better.

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