Nurses Should Train the School Staff

A school is where children spend a lot of their time to learn and grow. With 8 hours a day, at a maximum, spent at school — many things and different kinds of situations can happen and be encountered. Some of the most frequent problems encountered are related to a child’s health condition. Allergies, for example, is something very common to almost everyone. It can be allergy towards food, fumes, pet furs, etc. Even the simplest things can cause an allergic reaction.

emergency trained faculty and staff in elementary schoolsThis is why it’s important for the school staff to be trained in what to do by a person qualified for school nursing jobs for DOE, if ever a child needs their help in any occasion, especially during a typical day at school. One of the best ways to make this happen is through the help of your school nurse. Here’s are some of the tips about how this can be achieved and why is it important.

Health & Safety

This is not just vital in a school but also in every work place. We are not just concerned about the children but of course, the staff members too. The school is not just responsible for the students but also for those who are working in it. Hence, it is an advantage to let everyone have the essential knowledge about what can be done during emergency situations. This will reduce the risk of any further injury or health issue. Trained staff will not just take good care of each other but also of the younger ones.


Nothing beats a person who is always ready. Proactive consent forms and having the knowledge will surely change a person’s mindset. It encourages a person to be aware at all times, being vigilant wherever they go. There won’t be any panic or distress if anything happens.


nurses acting on emergenciesThis one might sound like it’s such a formal term that is most commonly used in movies, but this only refers to the system of procedures that are meant to be taken accordingly. Having just one person panicking may not seem like much, but it can be very contagious. A whole class that panics will inevitably affect the others, and so everyone is panicking for not knowing what to do. This is why earthquake drills are essential. For example, if a child collapses in the field because of heat stroke, others would surely run away screaming because of fear of not knowing what happened or what to do. Then, another child would surely come calling out the teachers and staff to ask for help.

Adults may not likely run away screaming in this situation, but if lots of children are panicking and running away, they would feel panicked too. If everyone has been trained to follow protocol, then not one child will run around screaming but instead, they will move away from the area of the incident to give the adults the space needed. They will easily relay the message to ask for help from the staff. As the authorized staff comes, they can calmly instruct the children what to do so that they may help, as a part of the protocol. Things will run smoothly, and it will be safer.

Having a nurse is not just the only thing that’s good for a school because training the staff and even the students can help too. Since it is the school’s responsibility to take good care of the students and their employees, it is also clear that whatever happens to anybody inside the school is within their responsibility. Sometimes, even activities and events that occur outside but still relate to school is also within their responsibility. This means that they are carrying a lot or a massive liability on their shoulders.