Should You Use a Moving Service?

Whether or not you hire professional movers depends on your priorities and budget. If price is your biggest concern, you may be better off renting a truck and doing the move yourself.


Full-service movers include packing, loading, and transportation of your items. They can also disassemble large furniture pieces for easier transport and reassemble them at your new home. Visit for more details.

Using a moving service can save you time and stress. If you hire movers to pack your belongings, they can ensure everything is packed efficiently and securely, which will help to protect them from damage during the move. This can be especially important when moving fragile or valuable items, such as fine art and electronics. Additionally, movers know how to pack trucks efficiently to minimize the number of trips required. This can reduce overall moving costs, as well as the cost of labor and fuel.

In addition to packing, movers can also save you time by unpacking and setting up your furniture in your new home. This can be a huge relief for homeowners who are busy with work or children, or who are unable to move themselves due to health reasons. Some movers even offer specialized services such as piano and antique moving.

Another way that moving services can save you time is by providing a one-stop shop for all your relocation needs. Many companies offer full service, which means they can handle all aspects of your move. This can include local or long-distance transportation, storage solutions and more. Some companies also offer consolidated moves, where they load your items into a container with other customers’ belongings. This can be more affordable than a direct transport option, but it can be less convenient.

When comparing moving companies, make sure to get quotes for all the services you’ll need. For example, some movers will provide additional packaging materials and supplies for a fee, which can eliminate the need to buy boxes, tape, bubble wrap and other packing supplies on your own. Some will also offer storage solutions, which can be helpful if you have a gap between your move-out and move-in dates or if your new home isn’t quite ready for you. If you need to purchase storage, ask movers for prices on both short- and long-term storage so you can compare options. Also, remember that cheapest isn’t always best; make sure you weigh the costs against the quality of service provided.

They Are Efficient

Professional movers are trained to handle logistics and safeguard your belongings, providing a smooth transition that you might not have the time or energy to manage on your own. Whether you’re moving across the block, across the state or across the country, it’s important to carefully consider your specific needs and budget to find the right services.

Full-service movers take care of the entire relocation process from start to finish. They’ll carefully pack all of your belongings into boxes, prepare furniture for transport and load everything onto their trucks. They know how to load a truck effectively so that your belongings don’t get damaged during transit, and they also have specialized equipment like dollies, furniture pads and moving straps to protect fragile items.

If you choose this option, your movers will take care of all the heavy lifting and driving so that you can focus on other tasks. You’ll be left with a stress-free move and a clean new home. However, this service does come at a premium.

Some moving companies offer specialty services such as piano moves or antiques, while others offer a complete range of moving options including storage and furniture assembly. Regardless of which type of move you select, your movers should provide a detailed estimate so that you’re aware of all the costs upfront. This helps prevent any unexpected surprises down the road and allows you to plan accordingly.

Several moving companies have also introduced portable containers as a way to move smaller items. This service is ideal for people who are moving to a temporary location, such as a summer home or college student apartment.

If you need short-term storage during your move, your movers should have a secure warehouse where they can store your items. Most movers will include up to 30 days of storage-in-transit in their estimates, but you should check with each company to make sure they have the capacity you need.

They Are Organized

One of the most important parts of moving is planning. It’s essential to give yourself ample time to do all the things that need to be done before a move, so you can avoid stress and stay on track with the project. A month is the best amount of time to work with, since it gives you enough time to do a thorough job without feeling rushed.

The first step in planning is identifying the items you want to move and sorting them. This helps you get rid of items that are no longer useful and ensures that everything you’re taking to your new home is organized. Organizing your belongings will also make the packing process easier and less stressful, so you can save time and money.

It’s important to have a clear communication with your movers throughout the process. This includes discussing the inventory, estimating costs, and reviewing the pickup and delivery dates. Also, letting your movers know about any special requests or concerns you have will help them plan accordingly. This way, you’ll avoid misunderstandings and delays in the process.

Another part of the planning process is creating an inventory of all the furniture and equipment in your office space. This will help you organize your workspace and determine which items are going to be moved and where they should go in the new office. It will also be helpful for your movers, so they can design a productive loading and packing strategy that will minimize the time needed to complete the move.

In addition to organizing your belongings and preparing for a move, you should also prepare your house for the move. Make sure you have sturdy boxes in various sizes and use bubble wrap or blankets to protect fragile items. You should also label each box with its contents and room destination to avoid confusion when unpacking. It’s also a good idea to cover high traffic areas of the floor and pad narrow doorways with painters tape so your furniture won’t get scratched during the move. Lastly, make sure that you change your address before the move and inform your friends, family, and coworkers of the new address.

They Are Experts

Professional movers have moving down to a science. They have experience dealing with countless different situations, challenges and requirements and can get you moved quickly and safely.

They have all the equipment and tools needed to get you from point A to point B. They understand how to properly pack up your belongings, and are familiar with the different types of furniture and household items. They can also help you with any specialty items like a pool table or antique furniture. They also know how to handle the specifics of a New York City move, such as traffic and parking challenges, high rise living and complying with building restrictions.

Make sure the company is fully licensed and has a . Department of Transportation number to verify their status. You should also ask the movers to provide you with important documents like an order of service, Bill of Lading, valuation addendum and inventory lists before hiring them. This will help you ensure that your items are safe and covered in case anything goes wrong during the move.

Also consider how long the company has been in business. A longer tenure usually means that the company provides service that enough people find satisfactory. It also means that they have had a chance to learn from their mistakes and build upon their successes. If you see a lot of complaints on a company’s website or Yelp, that should raise red flags.

Getting the right moving service can save you a lot of time and money. While cost is undoubtedly a factor, remember that the cheapest mover is not always the best one. Also, don’t hesitate to request quotes from multiple companies. Then weigh their services against the price to see if they are a good fit for you. Lastly, don’t forget to check whether they offer a binding or nonbinding estimate. If it is binding, it will lock in the price once the services are completed. A nonbinding estimate, on the other hand, may change based on the actual services provided and shipment weight.