Korean Beauty Tips for Surviving Winter

South Korea is not only known for its K-pop and K-drama stars, beautiful sceneries, and fantastic food. It is also known for its harsh winters with temperatures that can go down to -25 degrees Celsius.

The country is an archipelago which makes it vulnerable to sharp gushes of winds and extreme weather conditions. That is why, the country’s published temperatures show two numbers: one for recorded temperature, and another for “feel.” It is common to find a recorded number of -12 degrees Celsius but the “feel” can get as low as -25 degrees Celsius.

Dry skin is not uncommon during winterIf you are a first-time visitor, it might shock you to find out how cold winter is in South Korea. The locals’ pictures lie, too, with people wearing miniskirts and skinny jeans on the dead of winter. You then think that the weather is okay, after all. But in Korea, being the land of beauty innovation, it is not frowned upon at all to sacrifice sometimes for the sake of beauty and fashion sense. It is even more uncommon to find baggy sweaters and pants being used on the streets of Seoul. If anything, this get-up is only ever accepted at ski resorts.

If you are local, there is nothing more appealing than picturing sunny skies and warm weather on Korea’s winter months. That is why, many Koreans travel to nearby tropical countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand from December to February. People leaving Korea means even those from the country find it hard to cope up with this harsh weather. Even with lots of innovation on thermal wear and sweaters, people still don’t see these enough to protect them from winter.

Winter, of course, is a dry season, and that’s not good news for anyone’s skin. That’s why you usually get super dry skin and cracked lips during this period. No matter how careful you are, a gush of wind in South Korean can quickly bring you windburn. This season is not the friendliest when it comes to protecting your health and skin.

But don’t fret just yet. South Korea is the land of beauty innovation, so if the country has an answer to any beauty problem. For sure, it will have a solution to protecting you from the unforgiving winter season. What are the K-Beauty cosmetics & makeup tips for you to get through winter scathe-free?

For one, Koreans cannot stress enough the importance of moisturizers before you start any beauty routine. For Western makeup, the face’s base should be the foundation. But for Koreans, you must always start with a moisturizer. Since this is winter, choose a cream-based moisturizer instead of a gel-based one so the effects will last longer. Choose a moisturizer that is made with organic materials because these ingredients will allow your skin to breathe despite the heavy that you’ve put on it.

Keeping face hydrated with moisturizersApply moisturizer in the morning before you prep your face for makeup, and at night before you sleep. The moisturizer for the evening should be lighter than the one you use in the morning, so you can still allow your skin to rejuvenate even with a beauty product on. Utilizing no moisturizer in the evening is bad for you because of built-in heaters in your home, which can quickly dry up your skin.

Another tip is to have a water-based facial spritzer ready on hand. This spritzer is useful especially during dry seasons because it gets to perk up your skin. Choose facial mists that are made with chamomile, lavender, and mint as these ingredients help protect your skin from windy and dry conditions.

Let’s face it, South Korean winter is harsh. But you don’t have to lock yourself up in the house because of the weather. You can prepare for it by purchasing thermals and sweaters that can guard you against the cold. You can also help protect your skin from the dryness of the season. You don’t have to welcome spring with bad skin!

How Music Affects Your Mood

woman-listening-to-music-on-the-grassMusic is unbelievably powerful. It has the power to move thousands of people. Through the lyrics or the tone, you can send a powerful music to the masses. In addition to that, it is true that almost all people love music, though it may be that they have different genres they prefer. Music is also a universal language so it can be easily passed on to one person or another.

There are many media outlets available for you to play music. There are audio players built into the latest mobile devices. Computers also have a music player software in them, which you can download off the web as well. Of course, there’s also the option of playing musical instruments. Whichever media you choose, you can play the kind of music you want to listen to at a given time.

There are indeed lots of benefits to listening to music. For example, if you are planning to get hyped up, maybe for the upcoming athletics meet at school, then turn on your music player and play some hip hop. The wicked beat coming from the hip hop music can pump both adrenaline and endorphin to your body, which in turn can keep you going.

For students, there might be an upcoming exam they are stressing over. It may be the SAT or just your finals. Either way, music can help you. You can use music as a way to calm your nerves. Music is also a tool to use if you want to be able to concentrate on your studies. Classical music like Mozart or Bach can make your studies even more manageable, especially if it involves memorization. It is highly recommended that students studying for exam listen to good music then.

Feelings of love can be evoked with music too. This is the main reason why classical or romantic music are played during dates, engagement, weddings, or similar events. With music, the “love” hormones are stimulated, which allow for the romantic event to be even more successful. Music easily speaks to the heart, after all.

Music is a big factor that can affect your mood. There are depth and soul in every music, after all. For example, listening to an upbeat music can lift up one’s mood. Some music can help those who have suffered from loss. Sad music is soothing, especially when people identify with the music’s tone and lyrics. On cases where people are under stress, they can listen to music to deal with frustrating and stressful circumstances.  Even in just normal situations, listening to music can be a form of enjoyment that can help you maintain a positive attitude all throughout the day.

All the positive effects of music on people’s mood can be backed with scientific research. Since scientific data is proving that music can affect one’s mood, a lot of scientists and researchers pitched in to develop the music therapy field. Music therapy is used not only to help improve people’s mood. It is also now being used to help people heal more naturally and restore energy. Playing an instrument can also help soothe the mood. Playing the piano is known to be relaxing. if you don’t know how to play piano, click here. It is a field of study that can be used to achieve individualized goals too. If you are troubled over something, music therapy can be of great help.

When you are sad or want to cheer yourself up, listening to music is one of the many things that you can do. You can de-stress naturally with the help of the upbeat tones and calming notes you can hear from your music player. The amazing thing about it is that music doesn’t have any side effects. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from listening to music.